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Oct 10 2010

Best part of teaching? Rosh hashana, Columbus day…

This three day weekend has been just what the doctor ordered.  This past week was pretty rough because of the subject matter I’ve been trying to teach as well as some other fun circumstances, like the half day for students that we had on Wednesday.  That day was especially fun.  In my most difficult class it included four girls getting up, moving to the back of the classroom, and braiding another students hair… loudly.  The end result was that basically nobody in that class learned anything.  I’ve also had multiple members of the school administration on my case for various reasons, such as not having my room set up to the school’s specifications, and generally sucking at classroom management.  I think I’m making mild improvements on both, but the latter is incredibly difficult as my students will never change their opinion of how they can act in my class overnight, and I need to try incredibly hard to be meaner and more consistent with my consequences, which is definitely not my forte.

Part of the reason the administration has been getting a bit more on my case is because the superintendent has been coming around to our school a lot since it’s one of her personal projects.  It wasn’t a shock to any of us teachers (or probably anyone reading this blog) but the superintendent was not exactly pleased with how the school had running.  So bad in fact that Friday at 4 PM our principal told us that she had spoken with the superintendent and that she was going to be moving to an elementary school that needed a principal (coughfiredcough) and that the new principal would be someone who had previously been an assistant to a couple of the superintendents schools.

It was a complete shock when they told us this.  I think that my principal could have been doing a better job, but it surprised me that the solution that was reached was to change the principal almost a month into the school year.  I can’t really make any judgment until we see how this all goes next week.  I can just imaging that the students will probably see the change of the principal as a victory and that they can get what they want, which is a terrifying idea for them to have in their heads.

Anyway, I guess that’s really my only update thus far.  Of course there are ridiculous things that have happened that I’m forgetting, for instance I had a group of three girls hand in quizzes with the exact same constructed response.  So I get to tell them on Tuesday that they will all be receiving zeros instead of the 92s that two of them should have been receiving.  So I’ll leave you with that fun story and I’m going to go back to enjoying my long weekend and not getting enough work done.

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